Rob: FreeMature

It was like a jolt through my body, pulsing down my skin, ripping me from this prison. I felt born again, stressed, in pain and crying out loud.

There was the girl over me, her eyes were shut and her lips parted as if she had kissed me.

"Am I sleeping beauty?" I ask, muffled like my voice is still far away, "Jesus Christ that was horrible!" I don't like being trapped in time.

She looks at me strangely, I touch my hair which is on end, crackling madly.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

"Crap, you weren't meant to see me, shit I've blown my cover. What the hell am I gunna do now, dammit Rob useless!" I hit the bed and put my face in my hands. She looked at me like I was mad, "Sorry, but  I really can't stay, I have so much work to do!"

"Don't go," she moaned, "I want to say thanks," I sighed. I've blown my cover now, may as well.

The End

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