Luna: Oh, harshMature

"Oh, harsh" I mutter. I watch as Thoth and Norvon break out in to a fight.

"What's the matter with you two?" Mars hisses.

Okay, let me explain how this happened though the details are now fuzzy.

The topic turned to Mark and then Thoth made a comment which I think went along the lines off.... 'Why are we travelling with the phsycotic guys brother then who seems always eager for a fight?'

Yeah, so it was out of Thoth character and it sure was rude but I don't think he deserved to be thrown around in the mud like this.

"Okay split it up" I say using telekinesis to hold them apart. "God you guys are like toddlers. How do you expect Teaky and Platiana here to get a good impression of you if you squabble worse then them.... Heck, they're more mature then you"

I drop the force on them both and while Thoth looks ashamed, Norvon just looks pissed off.

I turn on my heels. "Come on or do you want to be out at sunrise?" that gets them moving and we walk quickly to find shelter.

The reason you have to be inside at sunrise is cause of the cleansing blast the goverment do...... It kills anyone in its path.

The End

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