I saw Laurence pick up a book of Greek Mythology. Just looking at the book made me think of school, grade five. We had been studying Greek Mythology. Odd that I saw him skip the first few pages. What were they about?

I sat in the swivel chair, twirling round and round. Then Destiny came in.

"Hey, Dess, does you mom know you're a freak like the rest of us?" Laurence asked. I gave him the sharpest look I could, though I wasn't sure if he saw it. Destiny snorted, but I wondered if she felt as nonchalent.

"Destiny," I said, coming close and whispering in her ear. "How'd you get to know Laurence?" I frowned. I couldn't imagine sweet Destiny being friends with Laurence. It didn't fit.

She snorted again. "I'll tell you later." I looked at her.



The End

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