Norvon: Im I really that hot headed?Mature

My clones first word were  " I'm gonna kick your ass."

" Dude your supposed to be on my side." I siad to the clone that should be a decent copy of my personality.

Instead of Replieing he goes to kick my head in. I blocked and and gave the clone a nice punch to the face and it disapeared. 

" Hmm, am I really that hot headed? Or do they the clones also copy current mood?" I asked rehtorically. Cause I wasn't in the best of moods.

Thats when Plantiana came out of the tree's covered in mud and leaves.

Luna Immediately rushed to her side begining cleaning her up. She keeps trailing off thats definetly not good. I'll try to keep an eye on her cause that would suck if she ran into a group of soldiers.

A little while later I was calm and we're walking on the abandonned road. That was getting destroyed and cracked by surrounding trees. I looked over at the guy still floating Behind Luna. He must be the other helping us. He better live so I can thank the guy for making my life easier.

" Is he going to be okay? he's been out for a bit?" I said.

" I don't know I healed his wounds so physically he's allright. Mentally though..." She  drifted off.

" He accepted death?" I offered

" something like that." She said. 

The sun was begining to rise bringing warmth to the frigid tempature. The others looked happy. 

" Any plans to our destination?" I asked.

The End

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