Teaky : Talking to myselfMature

I walk over to Mars' clone.

"Do something?" I ask, she/he just stares at me blankly. "Can you talk?"

"Yeah, 'course I can talk." She/he says, I jump back, surprised. "Don't have any powers though. Do I look good?"

"Yeah...... okay." I turn to the others, "Well, powers can't be cloned. But who cares? I'm fine with this!" I make another three of myself.

"Hi, I'm Teaky." I say to one of them, feeling completely mental talking to myself.

"Hi, I'm Teaky." She says back.

"Really?!" I exclaim, my clone nods at me. "Same here!" Then we high-five each other. Thoth, Norvon, Luna, and Mars just stare at my craziness.

"You wanna join in the fun?" I ask them. Before they can say anything, I turn to three of my clones and soon, there stands at least two of everyone.

The End

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