" He's not worth it." Luna say whith her hands on my shoulder.

She goes over to heal the nearly dead guy.

" Not worth it! I'll show you what i can do!" He rages shooting Ice spheres which uselessly pinged of Luna's shield.

So he had a temper. He is usaully so calm nothing could make him angry. What sorta pressure was the goverment putting oh him? I was still trying to not roast the ass to a crisp.

" Mark I can't be bothered to deal with you!" She hissed at him

" Come on Norvon." She said

As I walked over still concentrating on not turning this place into a reprsentation of hell on earth.

" You don't want to see him dead." She whisperes.

And then we teleported.

Like hell I did want see him dead I decided to remove my last name to not be connected to him. If I could I would Change my genitic code to not be related that bastards. I hate him so much I don't even consider him normal or my brother.  I was so angry I wasn't paying attention to reality.

Luna bursted into laughter I take notice there where several teaky clones surrounding us. Well isn't that just Dandy. I see a clone of Thoth

" Can they also clone our power?" I asked

The End

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