Luna: Not worth itMature

"Don't Norvon" I say placing a hand on his shoulder. Both of the bous looks at me strangely full of confusion. "He's not worth it"

I run over to the almost lifeless body on the field. I pass a hand over it healling all his wounds. His breathing returns and his pulse is weak.

"NOT WORTH IT!!!" Mark shouts. "I'll show you what I can do". His hand shoot out in rage and ice spears fly at me which bounce harmlessly of my newly formed shield.

"I can't be bothered to deal with you Mark" I hiss through my teeth making the mans body hover. "Come on Norvon"

Norvon walks over fighting the urge to attack and kill his brother. "You don't really want to see him dead" I whisper in his ear when he's close enough. I grab Norvons and the sleeping mans hand then teleport us homing in on Thoth signal.

It then I find myself standing in front of Thoth, Mars and Teaky........ but heres the gist. Behind her are about six clones then a clone of Thoth. Don't ask me why but I can't help but burst out laughing.

The End

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