Norvon: Of all people.Mature

I think Luna agreed because she wanted to come too. We hit the scene of the  gunfire. Someone was laying on the ground dieing soldiers where hurled everywhere, and Mark was healing a wound with his power.

" Ah Norvon, Luna. You walked rate into my hands. Wonderful!" He was made quite Happy by our appearance.

" Mark." I growled through my teeth.

" Sorry little brother I don't have time to catch up seeing that Luna's here."  He siad finishing healing his wound.

" Mark You know in a fight agianst Luna alone you'll lose. But  with me here there's no chance of victory for you." I said with anger.

" I don't need to fight." He said manipulating the snow around us in two a ice cube cage. 

I blasted the ice cube too steam with a pillar of flames.

" Hmm to bad there isn't quite enough metal here." Mark replied.

The End

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