Teaky : ClonesMature

By now, I've already figured out how to control my ability to clone. Freeing myself from the crack in the tree by removing the clone, I make another five of myself. Me and the squirrels hop through the trees in an organised arrow shape. Then I hear a twig snapping below me, I stop and see Thoth and Mars looking around themselves. I retrieve all of my clones, and see them disappear. Then I hop down onto the forest floor and turn into a human again. Thoth and Mars jump back, I just grin at them.

"Look at this, it is soooo cool!" I duplicated myself seven times to show them what I could do. Silence. Thoth and Mars don't say anything, just stand there expressionless.

"Hmm....I wonder..."I mutter to my self. I walk around my clones, take the hand of one of them, picture Thoth in my head with my eyes closed. Opening my eyes, I see my clone change into Thoth slowly. Yes! It does work! I glance over to Thoth to see his reaction. He doesn't say anything, niether of them do but I think Thoth's eyes grow a little wider, I wonder if they talk.

The End

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