Destiny: MacaroniMature

So, maybe bringing Laurence and Kitty wasn't such a good idea. Well, at least, bringing Laurence might not have been such a good idea anyway.

"Mum, it's freezing. Please let us in"

"Ok" she says. She's been freaked out by Laurence. It was only to be expected though. Kitty's been in the hallway of my house before. Laurence hasn't been anywhere near it.

"Go to my room. It's the second room on the left" I say and push them upstairs. I'm about to follow but Mum calls me back

"Yes?"I say, folding my arms

"Do you know this guy?" she hisses. She obviously thinks he can hear.


"How?" she demands

"We met... last year, when..."

"When? Not when you got injured? He didn't... put you in hospital?" that draws the line. I can't have her knowing about that. He'd done the opposite of put me in hospital. I wouldn't have been in hospital if he hadn't come along. I would have been in the local cemetery. 

"Mum?" I say, looking into her eyes. I blank my mind. "Will you make... uhh... macaroni for tea?" I ask. She nods mechanically and walks into the kitchen. I dash upstairs to my room. "I hate doing that to her" I say as I flop onto my bed. Laurence is on my windowsill, reading my book about Greek Gods and Goddesses. Kitty's sitting on my swivel chair.

"There was another way to get round it" Laurence says without taking his eyes off the book.

"You didn't control her did you?" Kitty asks. I ignore them both.

"You like macaroni, right?" I say. They both look at me as if I'm some lunatic.

The End

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