Rob: Dying For ThemMature

The endless horde were confused, many had gone to fight the group but the rest of them were chasing my fake trail.

The horde were chasing me now, I would like to think my death would help free them for long enough to escape the hordes wrath. That my fake trail meant that if they killed the remaining guys there would be a break were they could teleport the hell out of their and as a result the trail lost and a small era of freedom.

So the endless horde were confused, and as I ran, I changed my appearance, creating a telekinetic image above myself to look like her. I entered a large clearing after what felt like hours of running. I had said goodbye to my informant.

I stopped in the clearing and the dogs looked at me.

"I moved here, my friends don't need to be involved, if it's me you want dead, then take me, but I wont just let you," I warned and as my words hit the telekinetic appearance the sound changed to be more female.

Then a man appeared, a man I'd known and avoided all my life. Mark.


I immediately rose my arms and pulsed all my energy into telekinetic waves. The waves pushed away all of them, then pulled them back, the waves speed increasing crushing most of them to death and others pushed into walls causing fatal damage.

I felt my enery drop considerably, if I carried on then I would die, so I did.

I would like to think my death would give them time to leave and be free for a short period of time. They followed me into the clearing, most died though I was sad to see Mark was not killed, just hurt.

I collapsed slowly to the floor. My clothes felt heavy, the watch like lead on my wrist and I could not move my muscles. My telekinetic energy became feeble but my image never wavered.

Then it seemed like time was going still as my conciousness began to fade. Like I was seeing a snapshot of the conflict. At least now  I could truly be a hero, if it worked.

I would like to think my death...

The End

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