Norvon: Firestorm.Mature

They where endless hordes of soldier shooting at us.  We're doing well but as the saying goes. If there's to many bugs to kill with your hands get insecticide. Well the soldier aren't bugs , and I don't have insecticide. I had something similar it took a lot of energy if used prolonged amount of time but I can create a literal storm of fire.  I ducked under some Bullets.  I began to gather the energy needed around me flames began to burn the air. Snow within a 10 meter radius melted instantly.  Inside that 10 meter radius suddenly filled with flames. Now its time to show off as i began to control the flames burning the soldiers alive. They couldn't do a thing since my whereabouts where hidden by the wall of flames incerating everything.   I wasn't sure what Mars , Luna , Or Thoth did but I think we beat the soldiers.

Standing in my little patch of burnt grass I took out a energy bar.

" Oi anyone hungry?" I said. Through the smoke.

They where still fighting the retreating soldiers. Woops premature celebration. I put what remained of the bar and helped out.

The End

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