Teaky : *Sigh*Mature

Luna sends me and Platiana away. She goes willingly, maybe a more sort of peace person? We don't even know whether we are walking north or not, well, I don't. We just keep walking, and walking, and walking. I stick my hands in my pockets, they are so treating me like I'm a toddler. I can help, can't I? Okay, so my powers aren't so useful, but there might always be powers I haven't discovered yet, right? I walk into a lump of yellow leaves, making them fly into the air and float back onto the ground. Kicking a nearby tree, I transform into a squirrell and climb up the trunk. Platiana, a few metres ahead, humming the song Fireflies by Owl City, doesn't notice and keeps walking. Squeaking softly, I run down some branches and jump off onto another tree, heading back to the hotel. My tail gets stuck inside a crack. I tug at it, my tail stubborn and annoying. The pain digs into me. Suddenly, the pain disappears, and my tail is no longer trapped in the crack in the tree. Turning back, I see a squirrel, who looks exactly like me, tugging at its tail, which is stuck in the branch. What?! Is the past replaying before me or something? But that squirrel doesn't doesn't escape from the crack, instead, it slumps onto the trunk, exhausted. I stare at it, confused.


A voice whispers in my head. My eyes widen.

The End

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