Mars: Back in my elementMature

"Fuck." Is all I say, when Luna and Norvon fill me in. "You are kidding me, right?"

"No," Luna says, and orders Platiana and Teaky away, making them. The rest of us are left, Thoth, Luna, Norvon and I. Luna materialises guns, throwing them to the guys, keeping one for herself. She offers me one.

"No, ta. I fight better with my hands," I say with a grin.

They start to tear throught the doors, I use the moisture in the air to create a fog. We can still see through it, the warriors break through and our side fires. I lift my arm thinking of distruction, fire and lightening spurts out. I grab hold of Luna's wrist so that she can take my powers easily.

She uses them, and causes a mind lightening storm. Soilders fall under her power, Wait a go, girl! I think.

Thanks, she thinks back.

The guys are still shooting. C'mon girls, don't stop now! Thoth says.

Will you all shut up?! I mean seriously, some of us are trying to stop... people. Norvon says, he uses the electricity in the air and knocks more soilders back.

Well, I think, This is really odd! I mean A) We're talking in each others heads.

What's B? Luna asks.

B) I continue, Is it just me, or are these soliders endless?!

They're endless. They all say at once.


That's a word for it all right. Thoth thinks.

The End

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