Rob: Giving Them TimeMature

I had to really concentrate, keeping myself airborne whilst controlling them with telekinesis, making them slam into walls and shoot each other. I left the bodys lying on the floor. I wanted them to know they were not alone. My decoy worked.

Now I had to go a step further and try to get the dogs off of their trail.

They were running and the dogs were behind. I could see one lad clear out a group of dogs that were surrounding him, impressive. But he ran to catch up leaving me alone with the final wave of them. I stopped in front of them, revealed myself.

They stared at me confused.

"I've been hunting them!" I lied, they seemed to believe me, "follow me!"  I ran and they chased me as fast as they could. I had a rag of her clothes that had been ripped. As I was running I rubbed it against buildings and such ahead of us to create a false trail.

The final act of my decoy. God knows what the hell is going to happen at the end. Maybe death...

The End

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