Norvon : Yep they're there.Mature

I checked the windows seeing soldiers mount fully automatic chain fed machine guns, and computer operated turrets. so no one with any impressive powers.  Still I`m not immune to bullets. I could climb to the rood and bombard with a storm of fire. No too risky there was just to many guns and turrets.  It looks like it was good old fashioned gunfight. To be honest My aim with a gun sucked so bad I mind as well be drunk.

"Luna. What you think about our oppositions fire power?" I asked

"Quite a fair amount for everybody to fight with our powers." she said

" Much agreed. I can`t aima gun worth shit."  I said

I could take the computer operated turrets with an E.M.P that should tak a fair bit of the fire down but the soldier surrounded the build no where to run. 

" Well i can take the computer operated turrets out but we still have do with soldiers. It looks likes everybodies going to have to fight though." I said

The End

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