Norvon: Can't sleepMature

It was nice to be able to wash my filthy chloting and body for that matter.  After I washed all mm clothes ,and my whole body I slipped back into my dark pants dark green shirt and my coat back on.

" Isn't that uncomftrable?" Thoth asks

" A little but if theres any trouble tommorow morning I'll be ready to get." I said trying to sleep.

It didn't take long for Thoth to sleep. But for me the moon was shining through the window shining bright into my eyes. Something was telling me this is too good to be true. What was so good about being with people? The company yes. But being slowed down, and having to protect others was something I've never had to do. My life was a constantly my survival and messing with the goverment. Now it was protect others mess with goverment and do whatever Luna tells you. My life changed drastically today. 

In the distance I hear military transports lifting off. Mark was probably leaving he's  going to get a stronger team. I sleep for maybe 4 hours before my constant worrying about being found out stopped any further rest. Well that the longest its been in 3 months its usaully 2 before I have to move agian. It was about 5 in the morning everyone started trying to sleep around 10.   I got up went down stair and sat down in the lobby waiting for the others.  With the question still in my mind.

What was that explosion thing earlier between me and Luna? I still couldn't explain it logicaly in my head.   later on through the glass doors I can see figures with guns trying to be stealthy.  Should  I wake to others? What if i'm just freakin out? Better safe than sorry.

The End

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