Luna: MissingMature

"Wait" I call stopping. "Where's Teaky?"

Everyone looks around then begins to call her name. I close my eyes and serch. I sigh relieved when I find her soft faint glow. "I know where she is I'll go get her" I say walking back into the forest. It's about 10 meters in I find her.

She wrapped in the cloak shivering and crying into it. "Oh, Teaky" I whisper picking her up and bundling her under my cloak and next to my chest.

"I'm sorry... I should have..... consetrated.... but.... The cloaks were hard to see...... and I tripped" Teaky snivels.

"Shhhh, it's okay. Look thats the hotel you werent far off" I say pointing it out. We walk in to the warm building to find everyone waiting. I pu Teaky on her feet anfd Platiana runs over and gives her a big hug.

"We've got three rooms of two, me and Norvon are pairing up and Platiana wants to pair up with Teaky" Thoth says.

"Okay, I'll pair with Mars" I say smiling. We all make our ways to the rooms and say goodnight.

"Why are you so kind?" Mars asks. I sit down on one of the beds and she sits on the one across. "I mean with us around its harder for you to travel"

"Well, actually having some company ain't to bad. I've not really had any proper friends all my life. I've had short time friends but thats it" I tell her. "I'm tired I'm going to sleep"

I change my clothes on my body and take off my shoes before sliding under the covers. I fall to sleep quite easily. 

The End

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