Norvon: Memories.Mature

I have never been cold in my life, and may never be.  My power keeps me warm It may be small waste of energy but my body allways pumps out more heat than it needs to so I have no need for a for warm jacket.  I just wear  this long sleeved  non insulated almost trench coat or cloak like jacket. To hide my features from my trackers. It was begining to snow Bringing back some nostalgic memories.

I was only about 7 years old when my brother and I watched my parents get killed brutally by goverment agents. Mark was about 12 years old at the time.  Mark and I escaped and he swore he would never let me get hurt.  I didn't know why they had to die. Mark just said the goverments had there reasons. Thats how my hatred began for them.  It was snowing that day at the time I didn't understand why Mark was uncomfortable shivering and all. We walked for miles looking for a place to stay. Mark was getting frostbitten in the bitter cold. He never asked me once to make a fire to keep him warm. I thought that was honorable. We eventually found a place to stay at an old abandonned inn. And our lives as those unfortunate kids began. A year later Mark was always was talking about how grand the goverment was. And  I would constantly ask

" Mark why do you like those pig fuckers. They slaughtered our parents. How could you compliment them."

his reply was always  " Oh Norvon it will all make sense one day."

Sure enough one day it did. When he began to do chores for the goverment I snuck into one of the document rooms and looked for my parents names on the computer. Sure enough It all made sense.  Our parents where activist agianst the goverment and they're flaws. Mark Disagreed and tipped the agents off. It all made sense then. My brother had believed all the propaganda and other shit they pump out. Still it was a little unbelievable Mark would do that.  He loved our parents but he was alway the quite emotionless person in the sidelines. Why was he so cold? I sometime wonder if someon had replaced Mark. I ran away from Mark that day. How could he have lied , and killed our parents.

I was brought out of nostalgia by someone poking me in the rib.

" Aren't you cold." Asked Teaky

" No I've never been cold in my life."  I responded. 

The Hotel was coming into view. Everyones cold faces lit up with joy

"We're are almost there!" They all said or something similar.

The End

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