Mark: My my they're more powerful than anticipatedMature

I watched the footage of my brother Norvon and the Legenday one Luna. Shooting or incenerating my squad. Norvon dealt with all the ones with decent amount ability without really going all out. So I misjudged him greatly. Luna took a more tatical approach , made a few items and shot them she didn't really engage in combat.  So what was left of the dogs  where resorting to weapons seeing that in powers the lengedary one , Norvon ,  Mars , And force that I wasn't able to capture footage of outwayed the weaker dogs limited abilities.  So I had made a mistake and lives where lost. No matter the dogs wheren't my only weapon. I turned from the screens.

"I'm Leaving Colonel Horsivic you deal with the situation as you please." I said waving a Hand.

" But Sir , this mission isn't completed." He said with fear.

I turned around.

" Do not ever question or ask me of anything Colonel or I'll you'll end up like the last Officer who stood in my way." I said intimadatingly. He gulped , " One other thing Next time when I call your regiment for a mission Your men must be better trained."

The End

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