Teaky : TiredMature

The cold wind blows around my hair. I sniff quietly, thinking about my mum and wondering where she might be right now and whether she is thinking about me. Luna made me a nice cloak so the coldness isn't that much of a problem. I look down and just keep walking, following the sounds of the other's footsteps. Suddenly, a tree root makes me trip over and fall. Getting up quickly, I brush the damp leaves off me and carry on walking, looking towards nothing but darkness, which I presume are the cloaks that everyone is wearing. As we walk, I notice that we are actually walking deeper into the forest. Nevertheless I keep walking, hoping that we'd get to the next town soon. I feel hungry and exhausted. All I need is a bed. The smell of wet leaves and a hint of flower scent fills my nostrils. Winds blowing around me make a swishy sound when it hits the leaves on trees, and I hear animals calling to each other. I walk a little faster, decreasing the space between me and the others.

"Luna?" I ask quietly, "Are we there yet?" No answer. I notice that I can't hear any footsteps except for my own.

The End

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