Luna: LookMature

I kept looking at Norvon and kept mentally shouting at myself for doing so. I mean if he caught me looking I would have to think up an excuse.......

I don't know why I would need excuse but I don't know the full truth myself. That touch....... could it have been just my powers acting against his......

No, Something whispered and I shivered from inside my cloak. I warm up my skin and wrap my arms around myself.

"So we're just heading for the next town?" Teaky asks and I look at the shivering girl.

"Please say we won't be walking tonight" Platiana mutters. "I feel likes it going to snow"

"Don't worry, we'll be staying the night at an inn on the edge of town half an hour walk. We'll get there before the snow" I say smiling at both of them. I creak cloaks on them and they thank me snuggling into the warm fabric.

"Mind if you make us all one of those" Thoth asks, I smile and make them all black warm think cloaks.

It's going to be cold and these will keep us at least warm from the tempreture...... maybe even keep us hidden in the dark.

The End

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