Laurence: Winter CameMature

I'd been waiting a few minutes when someone familiar caught my eye heading away from the wreckage of the pub. Red hair, green eyes, it could only have been Destiny. She spotted me and dragged a girl around her age over to me.

"I was wondering when I'd see you again" I said casually.

"I... uhhh.... Hi Laurence" she says after a while.

"Who is he?" the girl says. Well, she hisses it. Like a cat.

"Oh, yeah. Kitty, this is Laurence. I met him just before I met you. Laurence, this is Kitty, I met her just after... I met you".

"Well hello Kitty. Nice to meet you".

"N-nice to meet you too" Kitty mumbles and hides behind Dess. I had to hold back a laugh. This girl, Kitty, was afraid of me, I could tell. She was right to be. I didn't know if she was a freak or not but either way she should be afraid of me.

"Kitty, Laurence is no one to be scared of. He, he... well that doesn't matter right now. Please try to be a bit more civilized" Dess tells her and I can't help but laugh that time.

Dess is quite for a while, checking her phone. I gave up on phones a long time ago. Not that I had anyone to call anyway. The people who cared about me were either dead or didn't want to be associated with a freak. I don't blame them. If I was still normal I'd probably look down on the freaks and treat them like crap. Next thing I knew, the three of us were outside Dess's house. I'd seen it once before but had never actually been inside. I'm not sure Dess knew I'd seen it either, so I acted like I didn't know where I was.

"Destiny Winters, explain to me" a woman said from the front door, which lay swinging on its hinges.

"Mum, this is Kitty and Laurence. They are friends of mine".

"Come here now, miss." Dess went forward. Me and Kitty followed her.

"Yes Mum." Dess said.

Kitty whispered something to Dess. Probably some kind of spirt lifting inspirational thing that girls always seem to say to each other. I looked at Dess's mother. She was glaring at us. It pisses me off when people glare without reason. I smiled to myself.

"So, Ms. Winters, have you ever seen someone like me before?" I asked.

"Like you?" she asked icily.

"A freak like me. One of the true elite; the Untouchables".

"Kid, are you on something?"

"Have you ever felt a bullet graze against you consciousness?"

Dess's mom just looked scared. And that was what I wanted. People to be scared of me. If they were scared of me they wouldn't get too close, it wouldn't hurt when they died. Dess batted my forearm lightly and I figured I should stop freaking out her mother. After all, Dess had bought us here for a reason and frankly I'd like to be let inside the house.

The End

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