Thoth: DecoyMature

The moment we began getting chased I began to formulate a plan and a formula for saving the group.

I'll act as a decoy, they only have semi-automatics with a .2% of clogging, and a .1% of overheating with time. The speed of the bullets is roughly 1,973,375 m/s with a force of about 7,000 N. If they all shot at a single point in the center of a circle, ducking at the right time would have them all killing themselves, yes that works.

"You guys, run on forward I have a plan."

They obliged and all ran farther. I turned around and walked towards our pursurers. They all looked at me and raised their guns, I raised my hands and they all fanned around me in the shape of a circle.

Perfect, according to plan.

Then, the leader spoke.

"State your name!"


"State your real name, sir!"

"That would be Thoth."

"I am asking you again, state your name or we will open fire!"

"My name is Thoth."

At this, I noticed his eyes drift down, I began to duck, he began to fire and everyone else followed suit. In the end of it all, I was lying on the ground, and they were all dead. I stood up, and went to find the group again.

The End

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