Norvon: What... Happened?Mature

" Criminal." She said.  That made me slightly angry. She has no Idea how I became one. I might be one but one who's  did because the recieving side is really the crinimal.

" What ever." I mutter. While I was getting up.

Begining to walk away .

"Wait." She says grabbing my wrist. Bang! I feel electricity , and a current.  I was falling backwards. Implosion?  I see Luna falling forwards. Thats gotta be it. I thought as I hit the ground. 

" What  was that?" I asked stupidly. My hair began to spike with a small charge.

" I don't know." She replied.  Getting up

An idea formulated in my mind. As I followed her lead

" Is it possible you created electricity?" 

" Yes but probaly not. Why?" She said.

" I can controll elictricity as long as there is a source." I explained

" Lets go we can talk about this later people will be coming." She commanded.

" Right." I said as my surrvial instincts kicked back in.

We met up with the others.

" There where all out cold or dead." Luna explained.

I looked over to the girl with wings. I think her name is Plantiana

" Are you ok Plantiana? How you get burned like that?"  i asked caringly

Mars gave me a small glare. Like thats making matter worse kinda glare.

 She only replied with " its who I'am."  Oh. I felt bad for asking such a question.

"What was that bang?" Someone asked.

" I don't know. But we should get going." Luna pointed out. 

Everyone got up.  The explosion or implosion was it me? Luna? Another influence? Or  just emotions?  It will all be sorted out later.  I could hear footsteps in the distance our pursuers are not to far behind.




The End

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