"Sure..." I said. I looked at Laurence. Not the first person anyone would like to be aquainted to. Destiny smiled, and grabbed my hand. Suddenly all of us were outside of a house. The ruins of the pub had disappeared, and so had all the people that had been gawking around it.

We walked towards the door, which, before we got to it, swung open. A woman stood there."Destiny Winters. Explain, to me."

Destiny shrank back a little. "Mum, this is Kitty and Laurence. They are friends of mine."

"Come here now, miss." Destiny went forward. Laurence and I, both, came up beside her.

"Yes Mum." Destiny said. I could almost feel her pride bristle. I knew mine would too.

"I- we are here, Destiny." I whispered in her ear.

"I know Kitty." She whispered back, smiling.

The End

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