Destiny: LaurenceMature

"I never do" Kitty mutters. I would laugh. But now's not the time to laugh. I walk over to the person standing by the smouldering remains of the pub. By the looks, it can only be Laurence Rene. That's what other people would think, but I know it's actually Laurence Ezra. I'm not into 'the right kinda music' as he likes to call it, I just know. I haven't seen him in ages. Ever since...

"I was wondering when I'd see you again" he says casually as I drag Kitty over to him. He says everything casually.

"I... uhhh.... Hi Laurence" I finally say

"Hi Dess" he replies, casually.

"Who is he?" Kitty hisses loudly

"Oh, yeah. Kitty, this is Laurence. I met him just before I met you" I say "Laurence, this is Kitty, I met her just after... I met you"

"Well hello Kitty. Nice to meet you" casually

"N-nice to meet you too" Kitty says quietly. She moves slightly behind me. I drag her back

"Kitty, Laurence is no one to be scared of. He, he... well that doesn't matter right now. Please try to be a bit more civilized" I tell her. Laurence laughs, casually. Then I get a buzz from my phone. A text from Mum.

Destiny Winters it says get here now. it is eleven oclock at night. you'll have some explaining to do young lady

I suddenly get a vision of being yelled at. I flinch and decide to change this particular bit of future. I'm about to when I get another one of Eric being yelled at. That must be happening right now. I'm definitely changing the future.

"Laurence, Kitty. How'd you like to meet my family?"


The End

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