Luna: HmmMature

"Hmm" I mutter when me and Norvon find all of his brothers dogs on the floor.

"Someone else was here.... Maybe they got in the way" he mutters. I have already begun to shake my head.

"This was an intentional attack. It came from towards them not where it would be if this person was in the way" I say pointing as I speak.

"Well, maybe we should go back to the others?" Norvon says looking at me. I stare at the Dogs closely. "Luna?"

"Something is helping us and I can't figure out why" I mutter lost in my own thoughts.

"It's probably you beacause non of the rest of us are all that important" Norvon mutters.

I turn and look at him, you know the looks you give when someone says something totally stupid or obvious well that's what I do.

"What?" he exclaims.

"Criminal" I say.

"What ever" he mutter standing up and walking off. I sigh.

"Norvon wait" I say running and grabbing his wrist then......... Bang. An electrical currents shoots down my arm but I fall towards him instead of away and I notice he does the same.

The End

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