Mars: Oh.Mature

Little winged girl, collaspes to the ground. I freeze staring down at her. What the fuck?!

Suddenly she screams. "Shit," I mutter. I try to find some way to stop her, she's drawing attention.

She screams again. "NO! GET AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY! PLEASE!" She collaspes into a fit on the ground. Everyone else is starring, shocked at the whole ordeal. Her looks change in five seconds, her hair goes from a lovely platinum blonde to a pitch black colour, the black drips down her hair, slowly encasing all her hair. One by one, her white fluffy feathers look black and shrivelled; as if she's burnt.

"So now you see, I lied to you. I cannot pretend otherwise. My ancestry denies me any other path, though," she sighs, "I have tried. This is my true nature." Her voice is low and depressing. A single tear rolls of her burnt eyes.

My eyes are wide, my mouth droops slightly. My mothering instinct from the earth over-powers me, and I drop to my knees pulling her in for a hug. "It's ok," I whisper, voice teary. "Everything's gunna be OK." I can't help feel sorry for her, she's just like my little sister who died all those years ago.

"It's ok."

The End

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