Platiana: Fifteen yearsMature

Luna and Norvon go, leaving the rest of us behind. Suddenly a lightning bolt of pain goes through my head, accompanied by a voice. I fall to my knees with my arms around my head, but it doesn't help. With the voice comes memories, memories of people, of fates, of a curse. It goes

Fifteen years in light to live,

To this girl I shall now give,

Your time is up, the clock strikes twelve times,

Your true nature shows for humanity's crimes.

The pain comes again and I scream.

"No! Get away from me! Get away! Please!" I can't say more.

The memories are clear as a crystal knife, and ten times as painful. It feels like black fire is burning through me. Not a hot fire, but cold fire, a dark fire. I somehow know what this will do to me. It turns my platinum hair to pitch, my white feathers black, and my fire opal eyes burn out, no longer like fire but now charred, burnt. I can finally stand up and speak.

"So now you see. I lied to you. I cannot pretend otherwise. My ancestry denies me any other path, though I have tried. This is my true nature," I say in a low tone.  I can't bear to look at any of them. Can't bear what they think of me now. I wait for someone to speak.

The End

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