Rob: DecoyMature

The great wall of earth rose before the line of Dogs. I laughed, ingenius.

I wanted to hellp them a little, give them time before the Government goons began firing it to rubble.

I returned to this dimension.

"Hey guys," I said simply, a smile playing around my mouth. The dogs stared at me in confusion, "er yeah, they forgot me... I'm just so clumsy," I couldn't help but laugh at the end as they scratched their heads. They pointed their guns at me and shot.

I phased out, the bullets flying right through my ethereal form. They stopped and I returned again.

"Missed," I rose my arms at the wall, "my turn-"

Chunks of rock from the wall came tumbling down like an avalanche, enough so that it caused serious harm but not too much that it ruined the wall.

Dirt rose from the pile of rock as I phased through the wall to follow them. I could see them climbing. Covering myself in telekinetic energy to avoid being seen, I lifted myself up to follow them from the sky.

"You getting this kid?" I asked quietly into my hands free.

"yup boss, I can track them now, you can get out of there."

"Nah, I'm just gunna follow them a bit longer, give them a little more help," I released my shield momentarily to get some of the goons attention, then I replaced it and watched as the forces following them dispersed, looking for the anomoly.

I probably shouldn't have done that.

The End

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