Luna: SwordMature

We run out of the shop and I have to help quite a bit with Teaky.

"Can't you just turn to a todler so I can carry?" I moan. She nods and I pick up the now small brown hair little girl. I carry her out of the shop and she changes as I lower her down from the roof.

I jump down then Norvon gets down and we all take off. I form two guns and turn firing 20 shots behind me all hitting a target.

"Fuck" I shout when the shop explodes.

"That could have been us" Platiana whispers.

"Thoth, Mars protect the kids.... Norvon" I say reloading the guns. "Your with me"

With that I head back towards the shop. I creep at the edge of the forest and examine all the people.

"No one to powerful" I mutter changing the gun to a sword of the strongest metal dimondnanium...... don't ask me why it's named that..... I think it has something to do with dimonds.

"Ready?" I ask Norvon. He nods and we step out everyone turning. "Hi, guys"

The End

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