Norvon: Out but how? Oh mother****erMature

I didn't mean my voice to be that loud.  Bullets ripped the store apart suddenly It stopped a large wall of dirt was erected.  " Nice going whoever that was." I said under my breath. The red headed girl collapsed , " Mars." completing my sentence.

"  Is there another exit?" I said checking the back looks life the fire exit had people ready to breakin.  " Motherfuckers." I muttered.

" The fire exit isn't an option." One of the younger girls pointed out.

" Does anyone know how to freerun?"  I asked. As I ran jumping onto a wall then jumping off reaching a small ledge near the cieling.  I  was looking for an attic door.  

" Ah there it is." I said pulling it open.  It was good idea except for the fact that there was ladder that was mounted to slide down after opeing the door. Which had pegged me in the head.  and sent me falling to white tiled ground.

" Ow." I muttered while cursing.  The others just laughed at my blatant stupidity

" I'm ready to go. You guy?"

Luna levitated Mars , and nodded. 

" I'll try to take the fire off you guys until everybodies out." I said getting my embarassed ass on the ladder.

The End

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