Mars: *Dry voice* Super.Mature

Inside the shop everyone grabbed as many supplies as they could. Me being me, I just picked up a few chocolate bars and a bottle of water.

Mens' voices were muttering outside, and the crinckling of hard frost covered grass. "Hey, anyone hear that?" Norvon asked, a little too loud for my liking.

I felt the men outside freeze and load their guns, I open my mouth to get everyone down on the ground, but before I can utter a single syabell, the men fire. "Shit," I mutter. "Everyone get down!" I scream, we all dive down.

Luna 'magics' some guns for herself, and slides them across to the other guys. I push myself up and lift my right arm and fling it from left to right, and create a line in the ground, I go onto my knees and with both arms I make a wall out of the earth.

Then I collapse. Great job Mars.

The End

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