Norvon: get ready.Mature

Behind me I hear 7 gun shots and those bastards where dead. I turn around to see Luna with a gun disapearing in her hand   I was shocked and yet a little angry I could handle them fine. She motioned that we had to go and , I simply dropped it. She made a shield and the girl with invisiabilty power turned it invisible. We made it to a shop and broke in.  I asked a stupid question " Why do we have to break if you could make money?"

The replie was " That would waste energy."

Stupid question. The girls left for the clothing part of the store. Really predcitable , I decided to grap a few energy bars, A drink , and a couple of sanwiched for the road ahead. I looked down at my Military grade combat boots. With all the running I've been doing the souls had melted and where flopping about, and there were several holes. Hiking boots it is.  Not great for free running but shoes aren't good for trekking.  I heard a few noises outside.

" Hey anyone here that?" I asked

It sounded like gun fire. 

The End

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