Rob: DefendingMature

Boy they can run fast, I thought.

I easily kept up, distances and time isn't the same in the phase dimension, but they were really hot now with a tonne of Government goons following them. I wondered for a moment if the explosion at the Pub was made by a watcher, a being who explodes when they see a target to let the Government know they've found them. Maybe it was keeping tabs on her.

I could see a large group of Dogs up ahead as the Legendary One with her accomplices ran towards a building. They were going to but them off.

I left my phase walk, took out my gun and shot one right in the eyes, blood splattering on another Dog, the blood seemed to sizzle on the second dog who cried in anguish. This cry was piercing nearby, making one dog explode and another keel over and die in shock. Three in one, not bad.

As I saw her approach I concentrated on sending us in the Phase Dimension to avoid being seen. This place didn't agree with them and one got trapped.

I picked the last one up with telekinesis as the group ran by and exited the phase, slamming him against a wall. I was unsure if one had seen me as they entered the building but I didn't have time. There were more to kill.

The End

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