Luna: BulletsMature

I pulled out a gun and fired seven shots killing the last of the doggy buggers. Norvon turned and stared shocked as I through the gun away it turning to dust.

"Let's go" I say. Everyone follows me silently, we hear noises but I gesture for them to be quiet and put a shield around us which Platiana makes invisible hiding us.

We reach the edge of the woods and continue to walk till we reach a news agents. There's loads of these everywhere. I smash the window and climb in. I banish the shield once evryone's inside and grab an energy drink..... which literally gives you energy.

I drink the hole thing without taking a breath then put it in the bin.

"Grab what you need?" I say walking over to the clothes.

"You can create this stuff why do we need to buy it?" Norvon asks.

"Cause buying it means I only have to create money. This is an easier way, save's my energy" So with that Teaky and Platiana join me at the clothes section.

"You'll need two sets of tops and jeans and some trecking boots" I tell them. "Maybe a bag"

That the another good thing about new agents they don't just do snacks and they're like mini supermarkets.

"Be quick we have not long, till we have to run to the next town" I say.

"We don't have to run the whole way" Platiana asks.

"No, we'll take three stops" I say.

"Three stops over 3 miles?" Mars says.

"Exactly" I say then I watch as she grabs food, clothes and shove it in a bag. Nothing like a long walk to put you into travel mode.

The End

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