Norvon: Is that how its going to be?Mature

I turned around facing My brother ever so loyal soldiers. 

" Go this is my fault!"  I yelled flames building up  in my hand.

The first one power was lame he shot out elictrified strings. I shot fire ball through his head. Nice and quick.  The second one power was quite different. I could shoot flames at him all I wanted it would not effect him. So i need a medium strength attacked. He went to cut my head of with a sorta shield like thing. I ducked just in time, I started a clockwise turn with fire building up in my hands which compressed the fire into a hotter, and more solid thing.  The dog landed seeing the flame build up in my head he erected a shield. A third one was coming i was going to be outnumbered soon.  

A pillar of flames shot out from my hand destroying the cowards shield , And incenerating him.  The other guy didn`t bother with finding out where we match out at. He just went up to me and tried to impale me on metal shooting out of his hand.

"Woah you suicdal or somethin?"  I said shooting another pillar of flame.

His body became metallic and he was white from the extremly hot temperture. I need a larger attack but i didn`t have the time to gather that much energy.  Cause five more guys where catchin up.  I began to run. Gathering the enrgy i needed. Its been a while since I had an intense fight. I was rusty but hey when you the rust comes off thats good.  I was ready , I turned around and allowed a large burst of flames to consume them.   There was more coming. How long can i hold out for them. I still was full of energy. I`ll keep goin till I can`t stand anylonger.


The End

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