"Wow." I said. I smiled. "Destiny, can you teleport us somewhere else? I want to talk to you, but there's someone over there that just twisted their ankle. It huts my ankle."

"Sure, sure, Kitty." Suddenly we were standing a ways away, in front of a cafe. "Now, what's happened lately?"

"Not much. Actually, things have been just plain boring."

"Sorry to hear about that." She laughed. I looked behind her.

"Wait, Destiny. I see someone. Weird someone." Someone was walking down the street. Pale skin, nose ring, short and spiky jet black hair. He was standing near the wreckage of the pub.

"Oh." Destiny said. Her eyes went blank.

"Vision?" I asked.

"Yeah." an odd tone went to her voice. "Let's go say hi." I allowed her to drag me along. As we drew near, his stare landed where we stood.

"Kitty, trust me."

"I never do." I said, shaking me head.

The End

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