Destiny: KittyMature

How do things just explode? I mean, how is it possible? And it always happens to me! I just appear in the pub, and then it explodes!!! Honestly... Anyway, I hear some people get up, they talk, they leave. Someone else gets up, they look at someone, they break his arm. Ha! Who else?

"Kitty?" I whisper. She whips round.

"Who's there? Destiny?" she asks. But she's unsure.

"Who else?" I teleport in front of her "Kitty, I thought you knew me better" I smile. She gasps something about me scaring her. I apologize. She's the same as me. She has powers, she's 14. In fact, we're so alike that my powers annoy her just as much as they annoy me! The only difference is looks. Kitty has shoulder length brown hair, and green eyes. I have dark red, thick, shoulder length hair, that can only just pass for not being curly. I have this tied in a ponytail because it annoys me by getting in my face. My eyes are green too, but they're really dull. Kitty's eyes flash really prettily sometimes. We walk out of the... uhh... remains of the pub, and she asks me what I've been up to.

"Well, I've had six boyfriend since we last met, Eric is ever annoying. Mum and Dad are on better terms, and I can now control one of my powers. I'd just got into the pub when it exploded." I tell her matter-of-factly.

The End

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