Teaky : DogsMature

Luna's planet was pretty, mountains everywhere, frozen lakes everywhere, it seemed just perfect. But I know that not everything looks like what it is on the outside. I take her hand as she takes us back to earth, where everything is messed up, where everything wasn't just bad, it looked bad too. Double minus. We end up in a strange forest, with the dark trees howling around us. Suddenly, I hear a group of people coming towards us.

"It's the dogs, we need to leave." I hear someone say before they even come into sight. "Now!" We start moving again, between the trees and stamping over the leaves on the ground. The people, dogs or whoever they are, notice the movement in the forest we make, I hear them running after us. I fall behind, panting for breath. Then I transform into a strong athletic woman, and I catch up with the rest of my new friends. Some of them stare at me like I am mad. Maybe I am? The space between the trees become narrower and narrower, until it is basically impossible to move any further into the forest. Trapped at one end, dogs chasing us. I turn back into my normal self and clutch Luna's hand nervously. Would they catch us?

"Shit," someone curses. I bite my bottom lip.

I start to see the dogs' shape in the shadows. Luna would get caught. I concentrate in my mind, squeezing her hand. I make another person, another girl of my age, blonde hair, blue eyes, nice dress and shoes. Luna transforms. I see her worried eyes, questioning me silently. I smile at her, to reassure her. She starts to shrink and turn into that girl I made. Then the dogs appear in front of us. Each one of them glares at me suspiciously. Luna too. But they didn't find what they want.

"Thanks Teaky," Luna whispers to me as they leave.

The End

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