Norvon: MarkMature

Marks point of view

My Idiot Brother Norvon was here. But now he has disapeared with the legendary one. You fool Norvon how long do you think your going to last that way.  I turn to the Dogs.

" Alright you can smell my idiot brother and the legendary one Luna. Kill Norvon capture Luna. Do you comprehend?" 

They all responded " Sir yes Sir!" And the hunt begun.

So Norvon you can handle agents. Some of my more powerful friends but what about my dogs. They maybe like you but they were bread for this. Bread to kill bread to find.

Norvons point of view Still on Luna's planet

Coming here was momentary releif. My brother wouldn't fall for something like this.  He would be waiting in the city. We needed a plan.

" Nice place." I mentioned , " So we still don't have plan. Who here can fight?"

Then a though occured. can the portal lead to another place back on earth?

" Can the Portal bring us to another place? Because Mark won't fall for something that simple." I asked

The End

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