Rob: WaitingMature

I felt a shift whilst in the phase dimension, I moved towards it thinking it was the Legendary One but when I reached it I found a portal. I stayed there and deliberated for a while. I knew she had dogs and flames after her, my informant told me, but I dont like portals unless I make them, I could sense this one was a long way away. So I stayed there just in case any Government lackeys tried to enter it aswell, hidden in Phase.

After a while a flame appeared, landing nimbly on the ground. I couldn't really see him, he was in complete shadow. But he was moving towards the portal, like he could sense it. It took him all of two second to reach it, barely ever visible.

I emerged into this realm, watching him.

He noticed me, growled, then disappeared.

I felt a wind of kinetic energy move towards me. I outsretched my arms and rocks arose from the ground, swirling in an earthy vortex.

he appeared and I pulled out my gun, shooting him. he tried to move it away from himself with the wierd kinetic energy but it went right through. I thought for a moment he looked surprised. He keeled over, dead.

Damn it please hurry, I can't hold them off forever. Once more I was wrapped in telekinesis and in the phase Dimension so she wouldn't know I was there.

The End

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