Luna: PlanetMature

"Is this another dimesion?" Thoth gasps seeing the two suns.

"No, it's a different planet five lightyears away from earth. I'm actually quite happy we all got here safely and no one was trapped in the void" I say looking round. Then I see their shocked and scared faces.

"Don't worry I would have gone back for anyone, The void is just a portal" I say shrugging.

"What's this place called and is this tarmac?" Mars says looking at the rock.

"No, it's rock if you turn you'll see the mountain" They all do and gasp at the sight..... I must admit it is pretty amazing. The rocks sparkle against the sunlight giving it a glowing affect.

"We can't stay here long" I say looking up at the decending sun.

"Why not?" Platiana asks.

"Because when the secound sun sets the planet goes into deep freeze and this is the only part of the planet I could provide atmosphere" I say.

"We'll freeze if we stay then" Norvon says simply.

"Yep, this part of the planet's in a dome you can see it if you consentrate enough" I say. "We have 3 hours exactly which gives us about 10 hours off earth. Come one let me show you my home"

The End

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