Mars: OuchMature

We fall to the hard ground. I look up to see green green grass not 2 metres in front of me; we on the other hand managed to land on concret.

"Ouch," I mutter, and crawl from underneith the pile on, Why is it I am always at the bottom of piles? I push my hands out - I'm still within the the pile one - wave shortly, so the grass comes up, I grab hold of it, nod and the grass retreats inside pulling me out. I sweet smell  of grass crawls up my nose and I roll up and sit up.

I see the rest unmoving on the floor, all but Luna that is. I turn my hand and the heavens open, pouring water over them. They shreek and jump up and out of the way of the rain; I stop it, laughing.

We get up and take in the surroundings.

"Welcome to my home." Luna says walking forward.

The End

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