Luna: MarkMature

I freeze in my steps.... "Mark" I whisper turning to look at him.

"Yeah, he works for the goverment and his dogs are on us" Norvon says shrugging.

"Everyone run" I say turning and taking off. I pick Teaky up and carry her on my back. Platiana flys above to keep up as well.

"So you met him?" Norvon shouts.

"If he know's I'm here it won't be just dogs he's sending" I tell him. I look across at him. "I will be much worse"

"Like what?" Mars asks.

"Flames" I hiss. Now I know what that last word meant.

"What but that's completely bonkers" Thoth exclaims. "Flames are the elite assasine and capture force"

"Yeah and I'm the most unstoppable force" I say then I stop everyone stops around me. I stick my hand out. "Grab hold"

They do then I consentrate on my old home..... the place no one knows about. Then we travel and hit the ground.... Hard!

The End

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