Norvon: Ah no matter where.Mature

I wasn't surprised to find out she can listen that far but still thats hard to get someones head around.  " Well no matter where I go I will be followed and eventually shot down." I mentioned, " I in no less danger here then I'am alone."

In the distance I hear helicopters closing in.

" Um I think we should get." 

Luna lead the way. As we began to move through the streets. I couldn't shake the feeling my brother was here or coming.  Mark that's his name, and his power was simple mind over matter basically he can reshape atoms , and molecules.  Since  I've known the guy for years he always has this presence. Dammit if he's here so are his Dogs. Dogs being guys who have powers to search and destroy. Is he after me , or Luna , or Both. 

" Oi Luna. Have you heard of Mark. If so his dogs are here."

The End

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