Luna: ScreamMature

Okay, I've now gained 5 people...... Uh, if that doesn't make hiding hard enough, I don't have the stregth to wipe their mind's.

Not that I can't do it.... I'm just to kind.

Then something happens. I feel a pouding in my head.

"Fuck" I hiss grabbing my head in pain. I hear calls of worry but can't make out the words. I fall to my knees and listen.

Power beyond out imagionation.

She's here is our country. Must find her.

Goverment property capture all who help her........ Flames.

I scream and feel a shield go round me. The voices stop and I look up through the shield to see face's of worry. I lower the shield and know tears are streaming down my face.

"I need to leave" I choke out. "I really need to leave"

I get to my feet and begin to walk through the forest.

"Hey, where you going?" Thoth calls.

"Can't we come with you?" Teaky asks.

"The goverment are after you, you can't go alone" Mars shouts. I stop and look back at them and know my eyes are burning many colours.

They stand there before me still trying to be brave but clearly scared.

"If you must come do, but you could die" I hiss.

"We could die any day" Teaky says. Everyone looks at the girl and I see her lip quivering. I walk up and pull her into a hug.

That's all I can think of doing at the moment.

"So what did you hear?" Thoth asks.

"Voices from the goverment, mental voices" I whisper looking at him.

"But they're ten thousand miles away" Norvon says.

"My power's can stretch that far" I whisper. "The question is now how do we avoid them?"

The End

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