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I waited for an answer, but the man was resistant.

"Fine," I growled. I prepared a cocoon of telekinetic energy around him and started the clock as normal. I saw his figure change, warp, then he stopped.

"What the hell?" he punched a wall in anger, it fizzled and burnt his hand. Angrily he looked straight at me, "fine, I do drugs, but you gots to these days, I need money, okay?"

I smiled at my ability, always works in some way or another, "I'm not satisfied, why were you in that pub?" he looked grimly at me.

"I will die..."

"you're going to prison anyways mate, trust me, it's worse than dying."

he revolved for a moment, then sighed, "fine, there was this guy, he works in my drug den, he's been sent to do this girl in, the legendary one ha! like that exists, but well, they didn't think he would do it, so they sent me to make sure it got done, then just as I see him you get up and grab me don't you," he looked pretty pissed.

"The Legendary One?" I had heard this rumour, everyone had, it was a symbol of hope, a story read to children at night, but there was more, "she's hot," I grumbled.

"I dunno, aint seen her but-"

"No you dipshit, she's got a lot of goons after her, my informant gets bored, earwigs on people," I groan, if I was a superhero, I would need to help her. but I could not let her know I was there, I would stay behind the scenes, track her, help keep away the Government. Finally, a decent project.

I pressed the hands free in my ear, "hey, phasing him to you now, get the travel ready," I ordered.

"What travel?" he looked worried.

"Like I said, you're going to prison," I held out my hands, clenched them and he fizzled out.

I fingered the gun in my belt, grade one, could slice through almost any power to catch the person. I checked my watch, net and time control, that would do for now. I wrapped myself in a cocoon so thin it outlined my body, this way I couldn't be detected by anyone via mind control or mind reading, I was mentally invisible and I could move well enough to stay hidden.

With everything ready, I phased off, in search for Luna. I needed to track her.

The End

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