Luna: Can't leaveMature

I form a rope in my hand and it tie's itself around Norvon. "What the-?"

"You can't leave now you now who I am" I say simple. "Now, who's hungry?"

"Oh, what is there to eat? I fancy chinese" the girl Teaky exclaims. I create a table and on it appears chinese food.

"Wow" the two girls exclaim together, then they run over to sit down. I pull on the rope and Norvon follows.

We all sit down and begins to eat.

"If your that child ain't you putting us all in danger" Norvon says. I turn and glare at him.

"I've escaped seven goverments, I think I can escape on more" I hiss through my teeth.

"But you? The legendary child?" Platiana gasps.

"What's so shocking about it?" I say shrugging.

"But you're just a myth" Teaky whispers. I smile at the girl.

"That's what I want to be, but unfortunatly it's not true" I say before grabbing a bowl of rice and spooning some on to my plate.

We laugh and joke and it feels like one of the best moment's in my life. Then I stop.

Flames burning, no futher. You can't escape us..... Luna.

"We need to move" I say standing up. I wait for everyone the banish the table and begin at a fast pace.

"What's wrong?" Thoth asks.

"We're being followed" I hiss just then a shadower jumps out. I put my palm up towards him and he goes up in flames.

"Run!" I shout. We take of everyone's feet hitting the fores floor hard. They follow behind me as fast as they can.

This is going to be one long night.....

The End

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